enjoy the 1-star reviews of the "male tears" mug on amazon



they are exactly what you would expect

  • Not big enough
  • Implies men are girly, which is sexist
  • Giving women a bad name
  • Hypocritical
  • Sexist and ironically maintaining dated gender roles
  • I don’t understand
  • Terrible Product
  • Disgusting and sexist

Oh and my all-time favorite:

  • Flimsy, cheap, white

Yes. Just like the people who produced the tears.

Quite honestly, my objection to rape jokes is not even because I particularly find the jokes personally triggering anymore; I generally just find them pathetic and inexplicable. And while I’m bothered by the fact that the jokes normalize and effectively minimize the severity of rape and thus perpetuate the rape culture, I’m more bothered by the thought of a woman who’s recently been raped, who’s just experienced what may be the worst thing that will ever happen to her, and goes to the site of her favorite webcomic, or turns on the telly, or goes to the cinema, or a comedy club, to have a much-needed laugh—only to see that horrible, life-changing thing used as the butt of a joke. I don’t understand—and I don’t believe I ever will—why anyone wants to be the person who sends that shiver down her spine, who makes her eyes burn hot with tears at an unwanted memory while everyone else laughs and laughs.

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